Some GelCount news

A substantial software update

After months of effort by our developer team, we are excited to announce our latest software release for GelCount.

Version brings a ton of new functionality as well as ‘behind the scenes’ changes that are preparing the ground for the exciting plans we have in store for this platform.

Highlights include:

• A new "Centres only" function that decouples shape fitting from colony/object detection, provides improved object detection performance in high density / small object scenarios (e.g., single cells, or colonies/objects below 50 um diameter)

• Implementation of the FreeImage imaging library, and other ‘behind the scenes’ changes to support future plans

• Improved support of parallel processing, for enhanced utilization of modern high core-count CPUs

• Improved memory efficiency and implementation of a memory limit guard

• Expanded choice of 'generic' image export formats (.bmp, .jpg, .tif, or .png)

• New “Data Plate Layout” numerical data output option

• The ICS raw image file format is now associated with GelCount; double-click an ICS image to view in GelCount software

• Improved support for non-circular masks, now selectable via a toolbar pull-down

• Improved auto-mask detection

• Mask shape controls extended for T25 flasks

• Miscellaneous bug fixes

A high-throughput assay for siRNA library screening

One of our customers based in Oxford, UK recently published an interesting technical article utilizing the GelCount, which describes an automated 96-well format high-throughput colony formation assay for screening siRNA molecular libraries in HeLa cervical cancer cells.

For those interested, the article can be found here.

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Mai 2023

We’ve relocated!

We’ve relocated!
Jan. 2023

HypoxyLab cited in ground-breaking plant research

First evidence that HNO is formed endogenously in living plant cells

Arabidopsis thaliana plant
HypoxyLab cited in ground-breaking plant research
Jan. 2023

OxyLite and OxyFlo monitor refresh

The same class-leading performance in a new, compact form-factor

Oxford Optronix Oxylite Oxyflo 4253 1000px crop
OxyLite and OxyFlo monitor refresh